I have had a very rich experience as a teaching assistant and instructor for classes, which range from introductory applied statistics for medical researchers to theoretical statistics for PhD students such as empirical process theory. I hold a certificate of distinction and excellence in teaching from the Harvard Derek Bok Center, for receiving an evaluation of 4.9/5 as a teaching fellow for the class “Statistical Inference II” taught by Profs. Andrea Rotnizky and Giovanni Parmigiani.

Instructor (Harvard University)

Linear Algebra and Real Analysis, Math camp for incoming PhD Students, August, 2014
Key Concepts: Linear Operators, Hilbert Spaces, Spectral Theorem, Fundamental Theorems of Calculus, Convergent Sequences & Series [anonymous evaluations]

Probability Theory, Math camp for incoming PhD Students, August, 2013
Key Concepts: Elementary Set & Measure Theory, Combinatorics, Discrete & Continuous Random Variables, CLT, LLN, Concentration Inequalities

Problem Solving in Advanced Statistics, PhD level class, Fall, 2012; Spring, 2013
Key Concepts: Coach for the theory part of the Qualifying Exam

Teaching Assistant (Harvard University)

Statistical Inference II, PhD level class,Spring, 2015
Professors: Andrea Rotnizky & Giovanni Parmigiani
Key Concepts: Semi-parametric & Decision Theory, Influence Functions, Minimax & Bayesian Estimation and Hypothesis Testing

Statistical Inference II, PhD level class, Spring, 2014
Professor: Tianxi Cai
Key Concepts: Asymptotics of M-Estimation, Kernel Smoothing, U-Statistics, Empirical Processes [empirical process labs] (based on this book)

Analysis of Multivariate and Longitudinal Data, PhD level class, Spring, 2013
Professor: Xihong Lin
Key Concepts: Multivariate Analysis, Generalized Linear Models, Linear & Generalized Linear Mixed Models, Generalized Estimating Equations

Analysis of Rates and Proportions, Master of Public Health level class, Spring, 2011
Professor: Robert Glynn
Key Concepts: One and two sample T-tests, ANOVA, MANOVA

Teaching Assistant (Sofia University)

Theory of Probability (for Math/Stat majors), Probability and Statistics (for CS majors), Fall, Spring, 2009; 2010
Professors: Leda Minkova, Maroussia Bojkova
Led the exercise section of the Theory of Probability (for Math/Stat majors), Probability and Statistics (for CS majors) courses. Taught in class, proposed problems for examinations and graded the students.